What Are The Major Google Penalties And How You Can Avoid Them?

Have you ever experienced a sudden drop in your website’s google rankings and all your traffic that was once huge dropped? Well, if any such thing has happened then it’s very likely that you are very close to receiving a google penalty soon.

A google penalty really means that your ranking on google has dropped and so has your targeted keyword ranking. This is dangerous and sometimes you’re not even sure why you received a google penalty.

Firstly, it is important why a website or webmaster receives a google penalty?

A website receives a google penalty when the webmasters are engaged in activities that are completely against the google guidelines or if you’re using black-hat SEO strategies. These penalties can be a result of manual review or algorithm rankings.

Hence, knowingly or unknowingly never indulge in activities that are against google guidelines because that really can affect your website negatively and you don’t want that to happen at all.

Let’s further dive into the most dangerous and important google penalties to notice and of course, avoid. These penalties can arrive due to various malfunctions and can harm your business negatively.

There are 2 major penalties with which google can attack you.

  1. Manual penalty

This type of penalty is issued when someone from the google team reviews your website and if that person finds out something malicious and malevolent, so a penalty is issued. These penalties are actually based on the user’s or your website competitor’s reports. However, this is not always the case because sometimes your links can be malicious and can be spotted by the Google spam check team.

  1. Algorithm penalty

Google has its own algorithm too and this algorithm is of course way accurate and faster than human beings or Google’s spam check team of course. This algorithm can identify any malicious links that your website might contain and automatically removes the links that it doesn’t find reliable at all.

These penalties are highly dangerous and can impact your website’s rankings and keyword rankings a lot, search rankings for certain keywords can drop drastically because these are the symptoms and clear indications that you are receiving a google penalty very soon or have received it already.

So what can you do prevent such thing from happening since prevention is always better than cure, there’s goes no doubt in it.

  1. Remove unnatural links now! Don’t buy any links for SEO strategies because that will be considered a black hat- SEO scheme. Just don’t do that because these malicious links are the root cause for receiving such google penalties. Avoid negative and bad link building processes for the page authority because that will just harm your website for the long term.
  2. Quality based content wins. That’s absolutely true. You need to make sure that your content is completely organic and absolutely not plagiarized. This will help your content to not only grow but chances of your website receiving a penalty reduce drastically. So, definitely make organic, original content and avoid such penalties.
  3. Be true to keywords. Sometimes people think that one of the strategies for Search Engine Optimization content is keyword stuffing. This not only is one of the causes you receive a google penalty but also something that’s considered malpractice and your audience can really get irritated by it too. Don’t do that, keep your keywords natural and diverse, don’t repeat them at all.

 Hence, this was a complete guide on how important but dangerous a google penalty is and how you should avoid indulging in practices that can get you a Google penalty.

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