Get ROI from Video Marketing by using these 8 Tips

YouTube is an unforgiving platform when it comes to video marketing. It can prove to be a headache when one spends hours and money both to create something meaningful and it doesn’t get the attention it deserves. It can feel like a waste of time and leave one frustrated with a longing to get as much return on investment as quickly as possible. As a marketer, you and your team need to be wary of the strategies you are using to promote your brand on YouTube, but where exactly one gets this kind of information from? The answer to your question lies in our blog. Read on to discover what strategies you should be using to promote your content and get the engagement you aim for.

  • SEO is your new best friend

People seem to keep a lot of marketing methods in mind but forget perhaps the most important and influential of them all, which is SEO. Without SEO, even the best content can turn out to be a failure, as it won’t be exposed to the right kind of audience and will remain to be something ordinary. Implementing SEO practices can bring out the best in your content, no matter which format it appears in. YouTube has a stricter and more coherent set of SEO techniques that one needs to follow to ensure maximum visibility and engagement. From finding the right keywords to using analytics to track one’s progress, it all matters too much to be simply ignored.

  • Add Spice to your PPC Ads

Pay-Per-Click Ads are amongst the best Search Engine Marketing techniques for spreading brand awareness. You can make them more interesting and captivating by inserting videos and teasers to persuade and attract targeted audiences to the designed CTA-Click.

  • Insert Videos on Landing Pages

Using images on landing pages is too conventional of a marketing technique, make it more indulging with a video that could either be a testimonial, an excerpt to your services or anything that can convince the audiences to perform actions that would be beneficial for your marketing objectives.

  • Include Videos in Email Campaigns

Video creation and marketing can be a hassle but it doesn’t have to be. The hassle of promoting your channel’s content through every means possible is worth it. Email Marketing is another underrated but effective technique when it meets YouTube Marketing, miracles can happen. That is why you need to integrate your videos in a relevant manner to send out to your email lists. To ensure getting the views, subscribers, or any metric that can help you optimize your progress, you need to use more than one medium.

  • Let Social Media do its Magic

As mentioned recently, you need to combine the power of some of the most renowned and popular networks available over the internet. Social media platforms are amongst the most recognized marketing platforms, they are widely used and have more global outreach than other single sources. Leverage these 4 biggest social media platforms besides YouTube to attain the brand identity you desire; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Each of these has its special feature that is profitable for promoting purposes. Gather all the perks you gain from them to get the attention of your potential customers.

  • Focus on Creating Quality Content

Before YouTube Marketing comes Content Marketing. You need to produce highly engaging and extremely relevant content which is neither boring nor useless. Infotainment is a very profitable means of refining a brand’s identity by educating the audiences. Tutorials are a very helpful set of content to engage your audiences, discover their pain points and resolve them with tips and troubleshooting information.

  • Introduce CTA more than once

The purpose of each video can vary depending upon its context so tell the audiences exactly what you need them to do. Give them a reason to learn more about your business with consistent but not annoying CTA reminders.

  • Rely on Video Marketing Tools

Using tools like VidIQ etc to do video marketing research by finding out popular keywords of your niche and so much more can help you develop and build a buyer persona, you need to understand your audiences before you bombard them with experimental strategies . and end up wasting valuable time and investment along the way. Observe and Appeal to convert and sell.



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