8 Stupefying ways to find blog post ideas

Running out of blog post ideas? Chill and sit back, and guess what we have for you. It is natural to ultimately find your brain blank to an extent where you cannot find or think of anything to write on. You just can’t. To help you continue with your blog post and entertain your audience, we have come up with 10 ways to find blog post ideas only for you!

  1. Ask Yourself

The first thing you should do when you run out of blog post ideas is to ask yourself. Wondering what to ask from you? Ask yourself about what YOU want, what you want to know about, what you would want to read, and what kind of a blog you would want to surf through. And there, you will find your blog post ideas and content. Remember to think as an audience and a reader and not as a blogger!

  1. Ask your audience

Ask them out. Your audience knows best what content and which kinds of blog posts they expect from you. They will definitely help you out in coining interesting and eye-catchy blog posts.  Asking your audience will give you ideas that you never thought over and tons of blog posts ideas. Put up questions on your blog or social media. Imagine hundreds of brains telling you about their interests!

  1. Surf through the internet

Social media is the best platform to help you find blog post ideas and get you to know the latest and the most famous trends. Since everyone nowadays is on social media; venting, telling about their interests and stuff they like to read about. You will find enormous amounts of blog post ideas that can help you save for the future!

  1. Steal the internet!

Of course, by stealing the internet, I do not mean to just simply copy others or do plagiarism. Obviously, that’s neither right nor cool. By stealing the internet, I mean to observe and absorb the internet. Go over other blog posts and see what they have to write. Notice the best selling blog posts and blogging sites. See what your fellow bloggers are doing and are writing on. And boom! You have your blog post ideas.

  1. Try to be relatable.

The only way you can be relatable is to pen down your personal experiences and stories into your blog posts. People love to know what went wrong in your life, they love to know about other’s lives more than theirs. So, when you do not necessarily find “creative” blog post ideas just go ahead and write the stories you would tell your grandchildren!

  1. Be that myth buster and answer!

Let people know about what reality is and what simply just a myth is. And trust me; it not only busts their myths but, yours as well.  People love when their questions are being answered. You will see people coming in crowds just to get their one basic questions getting answered. And imagine, if that answerer is you, is going to get you a lot of audiences to read your blog posts. Find the FAQs and you are going to find very simple yet creative blog post ideas.

  1. Do keyword search

Keyword search is basically when you simply have a word in your mind but, cannot actually draft out a full blog post. A keyword search is the best tool for you. How this works? Head over to the internet and simply write a word for instance, “cats” and you will find various ideas for your blog posts. Sources like Quora and Reddit help a lot with a keyword search that ultimately helps you write an informative and amazing blog post.

  1. Try to be empowering!

We live in a dark world. We are all dealing with different problems in our lives at every phase of our life that we simply can’t handle it sometimes. Problems are something that is never going to end your content. Try to pick ideas and stories that help empower people and motivate them. Try motivating people and this will help you never lose customers and your blog post readers.

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