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5 Underrated Sites to get Online Royalty-Free Images

 Perhaps you are here out of the urge to enhance your photography collection, or maybe you are a budding marketer looking to grow your brand’s online presence. Whatever the reason may be, our guide to finding royalty-free images will prove to be something helpful so read on!

In case you have stumbled upon this post by accident and wish to know more about “Royalty-free” images . we will firstly unveil the concept of such images and their purpose.

Copyright or Royalty free images are pictorial representations that have been provided by the photographer or uploader to be used by anyone. It doesn’t need them to give up the ownership of their work .But allows other people to not only access their material but also share and modify it according to their own needs.

Everyone loves freebies and copyright-free images are a huge perk for online communities and people connected to the internet. Such images and videos can be extremely hard to find sometimes as they don’t require one to buy or purchase unnecessary software or rights to use the image for their own sake. It is a cost-effective method which is also not time-consuming.That is if you have the right and trustworthy sources lined up already. In this blog post, we will simplify the process of finding such pictures through some of the most reliable and credible sources.

  1. Google Images

  2. Google images top our list because it is the most credible source and provides you quick and useful results. Now you might be wondering how you can use Google Images to obtain royalty-free images. Well, it’s easier than it sounds and can be done in these simple steps:
    – Search for a topic you want to extract images for in Google
  3. Head over to Google Images for that search and click on “Settings”, visible at the top beside other options.
  4. Tap on “Advanced Search” and scroll down to “Usage Rights” in the available options
  5. In the dropdown you will be able to see multiple filter choices, click on “Free to use, share or modify, even commercially”
  • Click on “Advanced Search” below and you will be redirected to the previous page. But the search results will be filtered to include only copyright-free images.
  • Pixabay

Pixabay comes right after Google Images as it has a wide variety of copyright-free visual elements to choose from. It allows you to sift through not only free images but also vectors, illustrations, and Videos.

There are more than one million high-quality, enthralling and captivating snaps on this site. The ‘Explore’ dropdown contains a variety of popular images and photographers for you to choose from. It is definitely among the top recommended sites for getting copyright-free images.

  • Pexels

Up next we have ‘Pexels’, a site containing countless artistic images that are free to use for everyone. Some of the most talented contributors chose to share their talent with the public and allowed them to use their images free of cost. Sounds Amazing right? The search section allows you to explore trending topics and relevant images through all such collections.


You can get high resolution and free images from a diverse range of categories and trending topics to select from. Visually appealing content is handed over to you without any charges, what more do you need?

  • Unsplash

Last but not least, we would like to mention a website called ‘Unsplash’. It is supported by ‘MailChimp’ which is a very Powerful Email Marketing Tool. This fact adds to the credibility of this very resource along with the beautiful and captivating pictures that are accessible through Unsplash. High-resolution and creative images can be found under any category you would like to choose from.

How can I trust these sites? All of these online sources are registered under a popular and authentic license called “Creative Commons” . Which consists of several types depending upon the nature of the content it is implemented for. It gives the uploader authority to enable the public to not only share . But also use and modify their work without being involved in any legal actions. 

However, it should not inhibit one from citing the original creator of the work when reusing their material.

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