5 Trends in digital marketing

We live in a digital age now, where anything and everything is found to be on digital platforms and social media. It has now become an integral part of our lives and communities. This digital evolution over the years has fulfilled the humans most unbelievable and weird dreams. As the time and communities e change, so do the trends in digital marketing and social media cultures. These “trends” have been surprising us so much that some facts just not seem real. So, here we present you some of the most recent and main top trends in digital marketing nowadays:

  • The TikTok explosion

TikTok, previously known as “Music.ly” is a 15 second video sharing platform where usually teens share their talents, creativity etc. TikTok has been on its rise since 2019 and has been exploding ever since then. In current times, people are going gaga over the app due to its visual and creative features. Not just the app, but the app users known as the “TikTokers” have been blowing up, too. As many TikTokers have been blowing up due to the app and are becoming one of the most popular faces exploring in different fields as well.

  • Chat bots

We live in a time where no one waits for no one. It is a fast- paced world. People and users want immediate services and instant answers to their questions. If you are not able to accommodate your user, chances are, they’re going to ditch you and head towards some other site/ app. and, that’s the last thing you would want your users to do. For exactly this reason, chat bots are on a rise. Chat bots are AI driven feature which specializes in replying instantly to a question. Meaning, if you ask any question, there are chat bots that would reply you instantly. The biggest advantage is that they are available 24/7.

  • Instagram not Facebook

There was a time when Facebook was hailed as the ultimate king of social media. Everyone had one account and it was simply the talk of the town. But, as time passed, people lost interest and started diverting to other apps, most notably, Instagram. Especially after the data stealing breach case on Facebook people were frustrated and no longer trusted the app. researches show that 41 percent users of Facebook are over the age of 65. Meaning, Facebook has become old and so has its audience. Whereas, Instagram has majority of its users under 30 as the demographics show, people enjoy spending their time on Instagram due to its visual features and specialties.

  • Vlogging

You must have heard the term, blogging but vlogging might not be a much known term for some people out there. Vlogging is simply the video and visual version of blogging. Basically, in blogging, you tell while, in vlogging, you show. And, in this race, vlogging clearly wins since audience likes it more to see stuff. Vlogs are  conversational style and more direct. Vloggers are not just expanding on YouTube but now are found on apps like Instagram and Snapchat, too.

  • Social commerce

Social commerce has enabled people to shop directly from the product post or ad. With the introduction of “shoppable posts”, small businesses have been exploding. Instagram had introduced this feature and ever since then, people love it and are shopping. This feature has lessened the steps to shop and has made shopping easy and efficient.
So, these were some main trends in social media and digital marketing that are on a rise, lately. It has simply enabled the sentiment of “everything is possible”. Some trends become dead wjile, some re just evergreen.

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