5 Reasons Why YouTube is better than Dailymotion for Video Marketing

Marketing involves numerous forms of materials that are published or distributed amongst the targeted audiences. Deviating from the traditional and conventional methods of marketing that involve press releases, classified advertisements, billboards by using electronic, print and broadcast mediums has become a necessity. There is an entirely different world on the internet dedicated to advertising and promotions, otherwise known as “Digital Marketing”. Digital Marketing involves online methods of advertising, by using internet-based platforms, tools, techniques, and software. While the strategies and their online resources vary to some extent, one thing remains constant: the role of content. Content plays a significant part in determining the engagement and promotions of a brand, not only in textual and graphical format but also in the form of videos and gifs. Now, if you’re still exploring the ventures of digital marketing, you might be worried about investing your creative energy, money and time into the right platform, specifically between two of the most popular video streaming networks: Dailymotion and YouTube. There is an on-going debate amongst creators about which site remains superior out of the two. In this blog, we are going to discuss advantageous features offered by YouTube which make it a better promotional platform than Dailymotion. The process will be driven by using the following factors to compare the two:

  1. Length of Videos

Dailymotion allows the user to upload a video with a time limit of 60-minutes, YouTube, on the other hand, has no such rules as videos with even the duration of 3-hours can also be published through on a channel. With more than a billion active users on its site, YouTube beats Dailymotion with its less than 113 million active users.

  • Categories and Varieties

YouTube is a preferred streaming platform when it comes to different tastes of users and targeted audience. It allows consumers to explore a vast variety of videos and categories. Whether it is a tutorial, an entertaining video, content regarding infotainment, humorous videos, music videos, documentaries or Do-it-Yourself (also known as DIY’s), YouTube enables users to scan through countless videos at any time available. Dailymotion, on the other hand, has a narrow range of visually diverse content.

  • Strict Laws and policies

Due to a determined and collectively helpful set of policies and rules, YouTube takes the violation of its terms and issues like copyrights very seriously. This promotes the idea of a secure environment with authenticity and uniqueness. YouTube fiercely protects the originality of creators, as compared to Dailymotion where the uploaders and content producers are not as conscious of their work being unrightfully used and adherence to policies is rarely observed.

  • Offline Videos and 3d capability

YouTube allows users to download videos to watch them offline, Dailymotion provides no such options.

Also, YouTube allows users to watch 3-Dimensional videos, while no such feature is being offered by Dailymotion.

  • Analytics

The industry is on YouTube’s side with Google as its parent company and a whopping billion users as an average amount of people engaging on the said platform. Dailymotion cannot top the success level of YouTube unless it modifies its structure and system to gain the attention of the targeted audience.

Also, YouTube analytics contain various metrics that determine the activity and engagement being received by any channel. These reports are accessible for any uploader without any additional charges or conditions. Factors like Watch time, demographics, likes, shares and traffic sources can help creators analyze the feedback they’re receiving and using the acquired information to optimize their content further, Dailymotion offers channel analytics to only advertisers and monetizing channels, hence providing useful data to only a limited amount of creators.

The Final Verdict

At this stage, the results are pretty predictable. Even without the help of complex statistics, it has been concluded that YouTube is far better than Dailymotion when it comes to content marketing.

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