Survey emails

30 tips for writing survey emails

We have curated a list of 30 tips for writing survey emails that are highly helpful for email marketing professionals. The survey emails under exploration may range from product feedback, suggestion on the service improvement, interview request for information purposes. Or, it may be a letter asking to complete a survey for any purpose at all.

Survey emails

What are Survey Emails?

A survey email may be a set of questions designed for research purposes, it may be a feedback form or questionnaire.

How can the 30 tips for writing survey emails help you?

Incorporating these tips in your survey email can improve your overall response rates, click through rates as well as open rates. This is because this guide contains tips that work on subject lines, to the body text and more. So, let’s get started.

30 Tips for writing survey emails:

Let’s get into the 30 tips for writing survey emails that every Email Marketing professional deserves to know:

1 – Use Named Personalization in the Subject Line

All email marketing research will tell you that named personalization in the subject line gets more opens than anything else.

2 – Catchy survey invitation email subject lines only

If you do not like your subject and if you will not open it if it were sent to you, then the chances are no one would.

3 – Use a subject line tester

Many free tools are lying on the internet, use them. You should use

Coschedule or Hubspot for subject line improvements.

4 – Be clear and Open

It is best to let the recipient know why they are being sent the questionnaire.

5 – Share your criteria, build trust

Share your criteria, be open about the nature of the inquiry and they will trust you more. Hence, you might even get more answers.

6 – Use bold email survey templates

Whether you are using an auto responder or looking to send manual emails, this can attract the recipient more than anything else.

7 – Use decent formatting

Nobody likes to read or answer hideous emails. Don’t be the one sending them.

8 – Add pictures

Even if all you need is information, make it look better. Adding images will help in making them much more pleasing and less nuisance.

9 – Images must have Alt Text

Do not miss out on the opportunity to prevent hard bounces. Alt Text helps in doing so.

10 – Seem Human

Using software to send mass emails, or just a few, just appear human and have a name. Bots can be creepy.

11 – Have a cause

Having a meaningful cause can attract much more attention from the user than not having one.

12 – Use better email survey templates

High quality emails can yield higher success rates with the audience hence, contributing to fulfilling your main objective.

13 – Test your email

You can send the survey invitation email to employees before you send them to your actual target audience, just to test it.

14 – Keep it short

Time is money. If it takes time to respond, you will not get any. So keep it short.

15 – Add value for the respondent

While you have sent a letter asking to complete surveys, give them an incentive too. Like coupons, discounts etc.

16 – Make them feel special

There are a number of reasons why you would want people to send you their valuable response, most importantly, because their opinion matters.

17 – Create Urgency

Sound like you need them to get onboard for a greater good, but real quick. This will help them in actually filling it out and not abandoning the email.

18 – Let them be creative

Have a healthy balance of Yes/No questions as well as open ended ones, engage the respondent.

19 – Create a deadline

The chances of getting the job done rise by impeccable rates if there is a deadline in place. Human beings are lazy afterall.

20 – Make it look like a good bargain

Your incentive should tickle their fancy.

21 – Share how the collected data will be used

Is it sensitive in nature? Are you taking care of their data? Tell them beforehand.

22 – Try not to redirect them

Redirecting links mean that an overwhelming majority of them will never return. Avoid at all costs.

23 – Sound genuine

Make your survey invitation email seem passionate, conversational and real rather than a digital letter.

24 – Include them

Ask for their improvements, suggestions as though their opinion can change the world.

25 Have a clear structure

Any research survey invitation email sample will show you how.

26 – Define your goals before writing

You need to convince them, do not ramble.

27 – Use credible sending domains

Poor tech can result in poor results. Use sending domains with better response rates.

28 – Don’t spam

An email survey is not worth risking your sending score. If it is spammy, then don’t send it.

29 – Be polite

A rude customer satisfaction survey email template will get negative, unuseful answers.

30 – Thank them

They are giving you their time and thoughts, you give them a thankyou at least.

By incorporating these survey email invitation best practices you can get closer to your campaign or email objectives.

Whether you are sending a survey invitation email to employees, a customer satisfaction survey email template borrowed from some place or starting your research based on public answers, you will need these tips.

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