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12 Insane gambits to gain more likes on Social Media

Social media likes is something that all businesses, teenagers, people and bloggers love! Especially in 21st century social media and its likes are something people are crazy for. Here are 12 best tactics to get likes on your social media platforms be it facebook, instagram, twitter or any other platform.
Images are the game changer
Think of it like this, when you see an aesthetic picture on your Instagram in which everything looks perfect, the lightning, setting, idea. Your heart just skips a beat; you stop scrolling down and immediately press the double tap button right? That’s the entire game. Whatever your social media is about, whether its business related, a blog or a personal account and you really want likes on your post make sure that you post pictures that are attractive enough for people to like it.
You don’t want to miss the hashtag
Use local hashtags to attract potential customers and likes of course. Use the hashtags and connect to the people or accounts near you who might be interested in featuring your photos, ideas or business posts.
Location is a must
So when you post something make sure that you tag the location. Now why do you need to do this? This helps to attract people near that location and eventually more people will find and like your post. Isn’t that amazing? Social media game should always be very strong.
Write that caption
You cannot really post a picture, idea or anything without a caption nowadays. Captions never really go wrong. Sometimes people like your caption on social media more than your posts and that’s an essential ‘like’ grabber as well. Try to make the caption as cheesy, attractive, and poetic as possible to grab a like from people. Caption game on social media should always be strong!

Bloggers usually love shoutouts to get likes and become famous. Ask your friends and fellow bloggers to give you shoutout and tell more about you to people. This way more people will be on your social media account reach and eventually will like your posts as well.
Support support support
When you have fellow bloggers, small businesses or fans try engaging with their accounts by liking and commenting on their posts as well. This way they will like your posts too and thus there will be a mutual understanding. This tactic really helps in gaining more likes.
Positivity is the key
Whenever you are posting stories or sharing posts, that actually tells a lot about your character, nature and preferences. Try handling your social media platform cleverly, just don’t post but there are other things that you should also do like posting positive content and not indulge in any sort of drama. This helps to gain more likes fast. Try to spread positivity and share good posts, post good stories.
Use data driven content on social media platforms especially facebook
When you use data driven content, there are high chances of it going viral and reaching million of likes  especially facebook. This type of content has way more likes, shares and comments than normal posts.
Take inspiration
Take inspiration from social media pages of other people, businesses or blogger to gain more likes. Notice what they do differently in order to attract a wide range of audience and try using such tactics on your posts as well.
Try doing collaborations with other people or businesses on their social media especially so that their audience comes to know about you. This clearly means you are likely to get more likes than before because now you have someone else’s audience on social media too.
Engage with your followers
Try engaging with your followers and fans more often on social media lives and via stories. This makes your permanent fans who will ALWAYS like your posts and such insurance is never bad.

Quality over quantity

Don’t ever believe in posting after every few hours, that way you may loose potential likes on instagram since people can become bored of your content and just scroll down. Don’t let that happen. Always focus on quality than quantity.

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